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The Church Mafia Attack From The Pews LIVE















The Church Mafia production opened in 2007 to rave reviews. It's back with a few surprises in 2015 for a limited engagement at the historic Warner Theatre in Washington, DC!


Whenever someone hears the title “The Church Mafia” for the first time, their eyebrows rise. Curiosity about the underlying concept sparks energetic conversations. In true Jay Cameron fashion, he brings creative and unique artistry to the stage to tell a compelling, eyebrow-raising and inspirational story. Combining his musical talent, writing skills and production expertise, Jay has created a heartfelt journey filled with laughter, intrigue and suspense that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.   





Amidst a trend of countless recent scandals and widespread public disillusionment about religion, Jay Cameron's courageous stage production "The Church Mafia – Attack From The Pews" is based on true stories and exposes the schemes many religious groups, churches and cults use to abuse and control their members. This problem is not rare but rampant in society and is marked by a manipulative, deceptive mindset from which no denomination, religion, race or geographic region is immune. Ironically, this same mindset can be found in families, corporations, entertainment and any other organization or industry where power and authority can be abused.


Although the phrase “The Church Mafia” evokes fictitious mental images of organized crime figures dressed in clergy robes, meeting secretly with their entourages standing guard after “worship” services, he's not talking about fiction. He’s talking about real life. He’s talking about his life and the lives of others who have been impacted by “The Church Mafia”.


Religious leaders involved in “Church Mafias” operate in ways noticeably reminiscent of Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein. Other examples include Warren Jeffs, David Koresh and Jim Jones. Murder may not be a part of their plan, but emotional and spiritual death is a frequent consequence. Church Mafia organizations come in all sizes. They can have a handful of participants or thousands. They use subtle tactics to manipulate trusting followers into doing things such as giving up their life savings, ending viable marriages or neglecting their households and families to “serve”. They tell them their sacrifice is a service to God. Anyone who disagrees or refuses to submit to the manipulation is targeted for public emotional or verbal abuse (often dealt from the pulpit), rejection, restricted access to resources or loss of position and respect in the group or church. These consequences can lead to violence, substance abuse, psychological dysfunction and suicide. No matter how the outcome unfolds, lives are destroyed.


In the latest installment, congregant abuse of leadership is addressed as a real problem as well. Most people are not aware of the abuses religious leaders endure at the hands and mouths of members and their families. This trend has caused many good leaders to remove themselves altogether.


The Church Mafia – Attack From The Pews tells a story that offers answers while exposing some very real problems. While some may suggest exposing these issues may push people away, allowing these issues to go unchecked is what runs people away for good. Silence is the ultimate accomplice to the crimes of a Church Mafia and this production breaks the silence and shatters the mold!

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